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Why Choose Us?


  • We install.

  • We repair.

  • We maintain.

  • We attend emergency call-outs.

Timber Doorsets:

We have a wealth of experience between the team, and 25 years of experience leading the team. Due to our Carpentry &  Joinery background, we have installed every type of timber door in production, encountered every problem with timber doors and have the experience of having doors manufactured to meet our clients expectations. We have installed every ironmongery device in production, too, and we know what products are reliable, the flaws of others  and what products will be tailor-made for a specific job to give the most reliability, performance and finish. Add to that, we are accredited fire door  installers and repairers. This accreditation helped us to understand the requirements of repairing and installing fire resisting doors sets, and has been a great addition to our knowledgebase. You are in safe hands.

Steel & Aluminium Doorsets:

Where steel and aluminium doors and locking systems are concerned, we are also adept installers and repairers. We use only the most trusted manufacturers of steel doors and aluminium doors. We only use the most reliable hardware for our projects and repairs, too.

Hardware Installations:

We install, repair and maintain the hardware for many of our clients buildings on a regular basis. In high usage buildings, the door and its ironmongery take a lot of wear and tear. We are able to renew the hardware product if it has broken or failed due to exceeding its life of cycles etc. This is a weekly operation for us and common practice. From hinges, panic hardware, door closers, door stops, limiting stays, signage, locks, handles, safety rails, coded locks and general fixtures and fittings, it is second nature to us.

You can buy door hardware of all descriptions at,


Access Control & Intercom Systems: 

These systems are pivotal to businesses with controlled entry. There are many types and systems in place today. Many manufacturers, several uses, circuits that encompass many components to suit the building design and the clients requirements.

We have undertaken the required training to install and repair access control and intercom systems of all specification

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