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         Locking Device Fitting & Installation

      Mechanical & Electronic

Here at Krowl Fire Doors & Security, we install and repair a vast range of locking devices. From mortice locks to rim (surface mounted) locks, to detachable locks which are manually removed from a device, we are specialists in our field.

We are used to clients having a standard mechanical lock in place and wishing to upgrade to an electronic locking device, which may also be required to in conjunction with access control, which we are also able to install. We can provide the service to install electrical power points to install access control, too. All you have to do is tell us what you require and we will do the rest!

We also fabricate on site, so whether you have a wooden door, steel door or aluminium door at your workplace, we are able to fit the desired locking device in place. You are in good hands!

Mechanical locks fitting service

Okay so you require a mechanical type lock. Is it a mortice lock, a rim mounted lock? Is the lock to be operated by a lever key or cylinder? What is the purpose of your lock? What type of door is it being fitted to? Does not need to be rated? Would you like us to supply and install a masterly system for you?

There are many mechanical mortice locks available. We can specify the correct locking device for you if you wish. We have a wealth of experience, so approach us with your enquiry, we are ready to assist you.

Locking Installation by Krowl
Mechanical Door Locking Installation by Krowl
Lock Types Available:
  • Mortice

  • Multipoint

  • Cylinders: Masterkeyed & To Differ

  • Rim mounted

  • Hook bolts

  • Sliding door devices

  • ANSI & British standard devices

  • Prison locks

  • Sashlocks, latches & nightlatches

  • Fire escape locks

  • Cabinet locks

  • Mechanical coded locks

  • Patch fittings (glass doors 7 screens)

  • Locks & bolts for every door type

  • Locks for any application

"We can handle this! Just call us with your requirements, you're in the right place!"
Electronic lock fitting service

We offer a vast range of electronic locks that we install.


The advantage of electronic devices is the capability to operate the locks with keyless function, can be monitored to view users, can be part of a bigger and wider system on a masterly system and network enabled.


We install mortice and rim mounted electronic locks in addition to electronic multipoint locks, mortice and surface mounted magnets, shear magnets, solenoid bolts and electronic battery powered levers (smart locks).

We also employ an in-house electrical to undertake any 240v+ electrical work.

Electronic Locking Installation by Krowl
Electronic Locking Installation by Krowl
Lock Types Available:
  • Hotel locks

  • Proximity locks

  • Intelligent locks

  • Electronic coded locks

  • Fingerprint & palm reading locks

  • Electronic keypad operated locks

  • Shear magnets

  • Electric releases

  • Surface & mortice magnets

  • Biometric locks

  • Solenoid operated locks & bolts

  • Motorised UK standard size locks

  • Motorised multipoint locks

  • Motorised door handles

  • Access control locking systems

Smart locks installation service
Smart lock types available:

Smart locking systems are at the forefront of locking innovation and a great way to manage your building without the need for wiring.

We can install intelligent locks which can be stand alone systems, meaning that one or many devices are installed but are not connected via an IP address and are independent from one-another, to network enable software managed smart locking sets which are managed online by staff, movements are key cards/fobs are tracked and supervised and all locks installed on site are registered on the same system.


The smart locks and intelligent lever handles offer high security and are IP and fire rated.

We also offer smart cylinders which are battery operated and can be unlocked with encoded smart phones and keycards/fobs. 

  • Proximity door handles

  • Coded door handles

  • Hotel locks & handles

  • Mobile phone enabled locks

  • Network enabled smart locks

  • Stand alone smart locks

  • Smart cylinders

    • Smart padlocks

Smart Locking Installation by Krowl
Smart Locking Installation by Krowl
Electronic Locking Installation by Krowl
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