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Inspections & Assessments
Fire Resisting Doors & Frames:

As installers and repairers of fire doors, we have a legal obligation to understand the requirements of the doorset.

What is its use?

What is it's function?

What fire rating should it have?

Are there any other legal requirements to be met, such as being smoke resisting, dies it have to correct hardware fitted or does it need to be BS8300 compliant?

A fire resisting door is designed to meet the requirements to prevent the passage of fire via that specific doorset, so all elements need to be considered.

We undertake fire door assessments, where we will visit your workplace or home and investigate the doorset in question.

We may need to remove such fixtures as architraves or mouldings if the evidence is not clear. This is to assess as to whether the frame is of there correct construction and if it has been installed in accordance with the current regulations which govern the specific installation and rating of that doorset.

Fire Escape Doors

A fire escape door can also be an internal door, in addition to an external door. The door may or may not also be fire resisting, it depends upon its location and function.

A fire escape door which is also fire resisting must meet the requirements of a fire resisting door (above) in addition to the requirements of a fire escape door.

We undertake the assessment to clarify as to whether the door/doorset meets the requirements for the visitors and staff that visit the building and who will use the door in the event of an emergency situation where an evacuation is required.

We offer our expertise to clients who either have an obligation to have their doorsets assessed and inspected, eg; under the fire door regulations 2005, or merely require the right product installing at their premises but are unsure as to what product should be used. This may be a compliance issue regarding a fire rating, fire escape compliance, or simply a security upgrade.

The procedure entails arriving to the premises to assess the task in hand (this could be fire resisting doors, fire escape routes, fire escape doors or locking devices and access control). The inspection of locking systems, access control, fire escape routes/escape doors and hardware is a straight forward assessment in most cases. The assessment of existing fire resisting screens and door sets is slightly more complex as we have to determine the rating of the existing door frames, in addition to the easily visible doors and hardware, so this may require inspecting the void between the frame and the structural opening for compliance. 

Once the inspection has been completed and concluded, we will then issue the company/organisation with a full and detailed report, detailing our findings, recommendations and recommendation costs.

Rest assured that we have undergone the necessary training and coupled with our unrivalled experience, we will offer you the right advice, no matter what your circumstance.

So enquire to us, trust our experience, be compliant & stay secure. We are here to assist you.

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