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The areas that we cover, per service

Reactive Repairs:

We only cover areas that are local to us in the West Midlands, within a 30 mile radius. This because our engineer will be able to make the appointment within a reasonable time  frame, and not leave the customer waiting for many hours, as our engineer potentially travels 200 miles, for example.

We are more than happy  to  attend a repair anywhere within the following areas:

  • West Midlands - All areas.

  • Derbyshire.

  • Gloucestershire.

  • Herefordshire.

  • Nottinghamshire.

  • Leicestershire.

  • Worcestershire.

  • Staffordshire.

  • Shropshire.

  • Warwickshire.

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We offer a full UK service for planned maintenance and new installations which are organised and planned with great attention to detail so that the repair/installation run as efficiently as possible with all information regarding the work agreed by all parties and so our client is fully aware of our schedule and well informed regarding all materials/parts to be installed.
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