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Acoustic Door Fitting

Here at Krowl Fire Doors & security, we supply and install acoustic doors, purpose made to suit your bespoke requirements.


Our range of sound proofing doors are commonly used in public buildings, theatres, schools and airports, as well as meeting rooms within busy open plan office space layouts.


The glazing used is also acoustic rated and is available in various thicknesses and designs to suit your needs.


The wooden acoustic doors sets and screens are rated at FD60, so giving you up to 1 hour fire resisting protection.


We also offer acoustic steel doors and acoustic steel screen ranges, which have a fire rating of FD240, so giving you fire resisting protection for up to 4 hours.

Both of our wooden acoustic door set and acoustic steel door set ranges have various dB ratings, manufactured to suit your requirements.

Get in touch, ask for more information here, today!

Accoustic Door with fire rating fitted by Krowl.
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